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Temper Tantrums

and other things....

31 March
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I'm just an average chick who likes to have fun. I'm not much of a fangirl, but I do have my picks and chooses, as you will see. I like anime and manga to an EXTENT (not as much as I did a few years ago). I'm currently finishing up my grad school apps and working hard as hell to make ends meet. I dislike dresses, people who are rude just to amuse themselves, arrogant pricks, and ignorant assholes. So if you meet even one of the following criteria....then please fuck off.

I'm an avid L'arc en ciel + Takki and Tsubasa fan, and you'll probably want to tell me the STFU on more than one occasion. I tend to become a little talkative when it comes to those dudes, and I'm sure that most people find it quite annoying. Whatever though. They kick ass.

Here's a little bit more info about me...you know, just to give a little taste of my personality:

Relationships: I don't really like intimate relationships. Fickle people can be a bit of a drag to date (points to self) if you ask me. I become bored and tire of things very easily-- that may include people as well. Who knows? But I'd rather not experiment and find out. Fatal attraction much?

Friendship: I consider a friend someone that I can trust, to an extent. Someone that I have known for quite some time and that I can be comfortable around (which is rather difficult for me, actually). All that I ever really ask of my friends is to practice good, old-fashioned honesty. Just be honest. Whether I like what you have to say or not, I'll still appreciate the honesty in the end. Just don't be an asshole every five minutes or I'll want to shoot the hell out of you.

Sex: It's interesting to me...but not in a way that most would assume. I'm a bit of a weird analyst when it comes to the great act. It doesn't excite me in the least (no, seriously), and I have no problems discussing it in graphic and/or technical detail. My real life friends poke at me all the time by calling me 'the asexual' or 'exrta strength-androgynous'. I'm a scientist on every level though, so you shouldn't be too surprised with my outlook on sex.

Japan: I want to go. Bottom line. I have never, don't, and will never romanticize living there, however. I'm well aware of the fact that life in Japan (mush like everything else) will have its pros and cons. Although I hope for more of the former than the latter, I understand that sometimes I'll wish that I was back home. My experiences there will not always be a cake walk, and I will more than likely want to pull my hair out some days. It will be a learning experience and perhaps a bit overwhelming at times, but that's cool. I'm always up for a challenge.

Grad school: Will completely own me T__T. No need to elaborate.

Deepest desires: To travel the world...and Kitamura Ken's ass.

With all of that being said, you'll learn more about me as you read my journal-- if you even care, that is.

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